Rooftop Feet

Being on top of a roof is one of the best places to be in San Francisco. Before moving to San Francisco, I had never lived in a big city for a long period of time. Therefore, I was quite naive to the amazingness of being on a rooftop. The apartment my roommate and I live in is essentially a shoebox. When entering the apartment, you are placed in a tiny box surrounded by doors, each only a foot or two apart from the next; you can see every room from the front door. The bathroom feels like it is in the kitchen. Nonetheless, we signed the lease after seeing the roof. We utilize our roof mainly for post-work beer drinking, Cards Against Humanity games, weekend brunches and mimosas, or some good quality people watching. The roof has turned into the living room we don’t have, and will probably never be able to afford in this god awful expensive city. Although there are only so many view pictures you can take, from the same view, I am very fond of documenting my feet on my roof.


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